Toot 'n Totum
Brand Identity

The retail division of New York-based creative agency CBX recently completed a new prototype design for convenience store and gasoline retailer Toot'n Totum. Located in Amarillo, Texas, the 3,500-sq.-ft. store and 8-pump fuel center is situated just off an interchange of Interstate 27. CBX's design takes full advantage of the highly visible site, with a bright and sleek interior punctuated with bold graphics, as well as Toot'n Totum's signature red accented with green.

The new store features a redesigned, highly-stylized logo. Rather than spelling out "Toot'n Totum" as in the past, CBX distilled the former logo to a single "T" encircled by horizontal lines to signal ease and speed.

Role—Designer: Main Identity
Creative Director Retail—Betty Chow
Creative Director—David Weinberger