5th Color Print Sample Kits &
File Preparation Guides

With the release of Ricoh's new Pro C7100X 5th Color cut-sheet printer, file preparation guides and tutorials were necessary to teach, inform and demonstrate to the sales reps and customers, how to use the machine to its potential—creating the most effective 5th color files The 5th Colors highlighted are Clear, Neon Yellow, Neon White and White—used for printing on dark media and to provide a base layer for CMYK when printing on specialty media..

With the tutorial videos, a voice-over and script were needed to make the learning process simple, easy and enjoyable. I took that challenge on and ended up creating a small recording box to capture very clear voice audio in a normally noisy city.
Link to Ricoh 5th Color tutorials

Role—Lead Designer: Print sample design, print sample creation, tutorial copy, step by step instruction, voice-over, production, communication with vendors
Creative Direction—Chris Javate
Design Director—Alysha Burch