Cafe Racer Zero

The journey of a 1976 Honda CB360T, purchased in late 2009.

It began a slightly beat up stock motorcycle and was slowly
transformed into a slick, modified cafe racer.

The end result was something resembling a Norton Commando.
Paint scheme referencing a WWII Japanese Zero.
Honda tank badge
Last day as a stock bike
Fairly clean engine
Before being rebuilt
Start/ stop switch
Wiring re-soldered
Handlebars v02
Clean looking wires
Made in Japan
Handlebars v02
Handlebars v02
Running the electrical
Handlebars v02
Handlebars v02
New look
Front fender
Chopping and lowering
Damaged clutch retainer
Split on the side
Damaged clutch retainer
Handlebars v03
Handlebars v03
Stripping the top clamp
Handlebars v03
Clip-on brackets mounted
Seat pans
Old and newly cleaned
Fresh seat pan
Severe pitting
New profile
Clip-ons installed
Seat pan painted
New Speedo
Drawing the bracket
New speedo
Custom mounting bracket
New speedo & stripped clamp
Busted engine cover
Blown over during a massive storm
Cleaned and refreshed
New seat installed